And So Here We Go .. The Beginings of Marketiloquy

3 Dec

Marketiloquy – a place where soliloquy (mine and yours) converges upon business related issues and news. A marketing students place to learn, inform, network, motivate, and inspire.

This past summer I sat across the table from a person who would .. providing my interview went well .. be my manager, when she asked a question that I was totally unprepared for. She asked “How do you feel about having name-branded yourself?” To this day, I think being unprepared for that question was what caused epic fail in getting that dream job with the Nielsen Company.

Instead of talking about the wonderful opportunities extended me because of my previous blog (which will remain anonymous), I felt defensive. I never intended to “name-brand” myself with that blog and I wasn’t happy with the branding that occurred. I often felt that to outsiders the blog was the blogger, and I didn’t want that to be the case in my professional or personal life – there is much more to me than the content within a blog. Certainly, the blog was indicative of my communication skills in the face of controversy, less than polite commentators, and with delicate situations. The blog was meant to highlight many skills, none of which were “name-branding”, but nevertheless name-branding occurred; I should have been prepared for the question.

I had already put my blog on the back burner to pursue a marketing degree and about a month after that interview, I had two part-time jobs: one as a Marketing Associate for an IT consultancy and another as an International Marketing Intern. The jobs somewhat filled the gap between knowledge gained and application, but I realized that the one thing that blogging did for me that neither school nor jobs have done is to give me the greatest access to a variety of thoughts and experiences. Social media in that regard allows a person to pinpoint issues with precision and thereby expand and solidify knowledge. A textbook might give me a case study, but it reveals very little about how and why a course of action was chosen, nor does it tell me which business intelligence systems are best suited for Corporations, Small Businesses, etc.

And Marketiloquy was created ..


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